• A leading provider of contract drilling and energy services throughout Western Canada. Performance Drilling Technology. Serious Jobs. Top Wages.

  • We reward hard work with a great pay-cheque, a respectful work environment and the best health and safety programs in the oil and gas service industry.

  • Equipment

    Combining decades of experience with performance drilling technology, Beaver Drilling consistently achieves pace-setting operating results and industry leading safety performance.

  • Working on the rigs isn’t for everyone. But if you aren’t afraid of hard work and you’re willing to learn the trade, we believe in rewarding effort with opportunity.

  • We provide remote site services from workforce accommodations to transportation and food services. Beaver treats you like family.

  • Welcome to the school of life. Beaver Drilling has invested in training programs that build the skills you need to move up the ranks and advance your career.

  • Our health and safety team works overtime to keep everyone safe on the job. The best gear, the best practices; at Beaver, that’s just how we do business.

  • See where Beaver’s 13 rigs are working right now. Our map gives detailed directions to drilling sites and camp locations.